It is a privilege to be part of the support crew for Team Oceanside. We will be there every hill, every flat tire, every mile, until the race is completed. We do it for the kids at Rady Children's Hospital. 


Ray Asante

Ray Asante joins the Team Oceanside's 2017 RAAM team as crew chief.

As owner of carbon wheel company, iRT Wheels and a co-owner of a former continental pro cycling, he will bring his experience to help support the riders and his fellow crew members. And with his military background, he is sure to keep everyone on their toes with his sarcasm and ball-busting. 


Scott Turvey

Hey all! I'm Scott and I’ll be joining the team this year for the first time. I am a native San Diegan and have lived here my pretty much my entire life. Raising three now-grown sons, I spent my early years of fatherhood experiencing the joy of introducing them to a variety of sports. I then got to spend the remaining years they were at home getting humiliated by them and their superior talent in every sport I taught them. And the ones I didn’t.

Cycling replaced surfing for me as I got old and fat - bad hip actually - and my wife and I ride several times a week. When I heard about an opening on the team I said, I can’t ride that far, but I can drive. So, I’ll be crewing for the younger, fitter team members. Off the bike, I work in IT doing that cloud stuff. I love my family, my job and cycling. 

And yes, Mason is my son. 

US Military Kit.jpg

Bob Koch

My name is Bob Koch. I have been married to Debbie for 40 years,  a father of 5 and have 11 grandkids. I am a retired US Army Special Forces veteran. I started cycling in 1971 and have continued to ride all these years. In 1985 I became a RAAM enthusiast. I am looking forward to helping support the riders on the 2017 Team Oceanside RAAM team.



Frank joins Team Oceanside as crew mechanic.

His talents include (but are not solely isolated to) versatility in the biopharmaceutical industry with a proven ability to bring clarity to complex scientific concepts using problem-solving approaches. He has 19 years of experience on two successful programs where his participation included efforts from scientific discovery to FDA approval.

Maybe this skill-set can translate into reading a map and/or repairing a flat?



Occupation: Professional Magician
Classification: Not that funny
Highlights: Beautiful wife Nicole, and two lovely girls, Jolene and Mae.


John McKean


David Wilson


JD Herbert


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We at Team Oceanside think every person can contribute to a great cause, regardless of skill level or ability.

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